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29 February 2016 Ealing Soup Kitchen
Speaker: Andrew McLeay 
(Ealing Churches Worker with Homeless People)
Alan's Story

The Soup Kitchen serves hot food and drinks to the homeless and needy in the Borough of Ealing. Founded in the early 70’s, Ealing Soup Kitchen (ESK) is run by a group of local churches and is open every Saturday and Sunday, 3.30pm - 5pm, in the Church Room at St. John’s, Mattock Lane, Ealing (entrance from Broomfield Place or the church garden). Directions here.

Our two-fold mission is to:

share the love of Jesus through voluntarily providing hot nutritional food for those in need in a safe, family setting;

• respectfully offer advice and a helping hand.

Our Values are Welcome, Service, Dignity and Trust.

There is usually also a selection of clothing and blankets available. At Christmas time we are open Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and Boxing Day, for longer hours, and on Christmas Day and Boxing Day a full dinner is served.

Between 60 and 100 clients visit Soup Kitchen each day it is open.

The Soup Kitchen helpers are volunteers, recruited mainly from the churches involved in the scheme:

St. John’s, St. Stephen’s West Ealing, St.Paul’s Northfields, St. Mary’s South Ealing, Haven Green Baptist Church, Hanwell CfCM, Ealing Abbey, Ealing Christian Centre and Hope Community Church. Most teams welcome volunteers from other parts of the borough to make up teams on each day of approximately 10 people.

There is a strong link between the Soup Kitchen and St John’s Café Church run on a Sunday evening, with many members of the worshipping community at Café Church coming from the Soup Kitchen.

The Soup Kitchen and Hub are supported by Andrew (Macca) McLeay, the Ealing Churches Worker with Homeless People (ECWwH). The role is funded by a number of the churches and other donors to provide practical, pastoral, housing and administrative support as well as befriending clients and organizing special events.

ESK’s target for funding is £20,000 per annum which includes both the employment of the ECWwH and a contribution to the costs of operating the Soup Kitchen and the Friday Hub.

ESK is a registered charity no. 1152247.