Pastoral CarePastoral Care 

"We are called by God, our Father, to be a loving family, forgiven and forgiving, faithful and kind in care for one another" ( From St John's Vision Statement)

How do we care for one another at STJOHNS@TEN?
Through individual friendships, by being part of a Growth Group, by meeting with one or two trusted friends with whom we can be accountable and open at a deeper level than is possible in a Growth Group, and with the help of the Pastoral Care Team.

What is the Pastoral Care Team and how can it help me?
The Pastoral Care Team is made up of the Vicar and a small group of members of the STJOHNS@TEN congregation who are keen to help and support other members of the congregation in particular need or facing difficulties. The team meets regularly to pray and co-ordinate practical help as appropriate and supports Growth Groups in helping us care for each other.

The Pastoral Care Team would love to hear from you if:

  • You would like prayer for a particular situation
  • you are facing a crisis of some sort and would value some extra support, prayerful and practical, in a time of need.
The Pastoral Care Team does not provide specialist counselling but will try and direct you to appropriate support as necessary.