Gift Day                

Thank you to all who give generously to support the work of St John and St James. Your contribution, including gift aid, forms over 70% of the income and is vital in enabling our work of making and growing disciples and serving the community in West Ealing in which we are set.

If you think yourself as a member of St John and St James then we would especially encourage you to consider giving regularly to the work of the church if you do not already do so. 

Our Parish Treasurer has created a Q&A about the Gift Day and our parish finances which you can see here or download here.

If you want to see our income and expenditure as piecharts you can do so here or download a document here.

Please download, complete and return the gift day response form at a service on 14th October 2018 or before.  The response form can be downloaded here. Please put the form in an envelope and mark it for the attention of John Quinn (Treasurer) and give or post it to the Parish Office.
If you would like more information;

The work of the Parish is largely dependent upon the generous giving of those that attend our four congregations. If you would like more detailed advice on any aspect of giving to the church please use the contact form below.