What should I wear?

Whatever you feel comfortable wearing! Most people dress casually.

Does it matter that I haven't been to church for years?
Not at all. We recognise that there are seasons in life and things change. No-one will judge you if you haven't been to church for a while.

How many people will be there?
Somewhere in the region of 130 adults and 25 children.

What if I'm late?
Don't worry, you'll still get in! Having said that it is good to try and be there on time as the first 10 minutes is important in terms of preparing for worship.

If I need to leave early, is that okay?
Of course, no-one will mind.

What sort of welcome will I receive?
We will aim to make you feel welcome.... without overdoing it!

Can I park nearby?
We don't have a car park but there is limited unrestricted street parking nearby on Sundays.

Do I need to come every week?
We encourage each other to join together every Sunday but rest assured, no-one will be checking up on you!

Can I just visit?
Of course. If you want to leave us your contact details so we can be in touch you can but that's up to you.

Do you have uncomfortable pews?
No, we have comfortable chairs.

Do I have to put money in the collection?
Whereas we encourage everyone to give towards God's work, there is no problem in allowing the collection bag to pass on by.

Do you wear robes?
No. The Clergy wear clerical collars.

My child won't sit still?
We have children's groups and a creche, and welcome the sound of children as part of our worshipping family.

Are there refreshments after the service?
Yes, hot and cold drinks are served in the foyer area. You are free to go or stay as you wish.