Bible Reading Plan 2018






This series between Easter and Pentecost follows on from our recent readings from Nehemiah, and our study of bible characters responding to God’s call to prayerful intimacy. It has also been prompted by our prayer sessions, and other times of discernment.


Our sense is that God is calling us both to be expectant of what He is planning for us in STJOHNS@10 – and also to be actively preparing ourselves for what He is going to do.


Isaiah 40 is the chapter that underpins this phase of our bible reading plan - the sense of the need to ‘prepare a way for the Lord, make straight in the wilderness a highway for our God’. v3


We have a sense of the need to prepare the ground of this highway- removing the rocks in repentance and forgiveness, fertilising the ground with grace and the knowledge of forgiven-ness,and removing our defences by knowing that we are intimately loved (Isaiah 40 v11) so that we can become vulnerable and aware of our need for God’s healing, anointing and empowering.


Throughout this plan our readings are designed to raise our expectancy of what God will pour out on us by His Spirit at Pentecost (Isaiah 40 v31)


So the next six weeks of our bible readings lead us through what God has to say to us through His word on these themes.



Chapter 40 of Isaiah sets the tone for this whole series—so we have printed it in full overleaf. We have also included it as our reading for each Sunday through the plan — there is so much in it that it will certainly bear regular reading.

Each week picks up one of the main themes of Isaiah 40—and allows us to explore it further

1. Preparation

2. Repentance

3. Forgiven-ness

4. Grace Abounding

5. Our Knowledge of God’s Intimate Love for Us

6. Expectation and Hope



A simple 4-step approach to get the most out of a daily reading – PRAY

Pray. Clear your mind of your busy-ness by contemplating God’s greatness, asking forgiveness for anything that’s spoiling your relationship with Him and then thanking Him for His wonderful love for you in Jesus. Then ask the Holy Spirit to speak through what you are about to read.

Read. Don’t be casual or rush through your reading – read according to a plan and meditate prayerfully as you go.

Analyze. Or think. Perhaps identify a key verse or phrase that sticks for that day and jot it down where you’ll see it regularly.

You. Finally remember the Bible was given to transform us. So finish each session by asking God how He wants to change you through what you’ve read (journaling might be helpful here) and prayer for His Spirit to empower you to make the change real  

Prepare the way of the lord

You can download the weekly plans below:

Week 1 Monday April 2nd to Sunday April 8th 

Week 2 Monday April 9th to Sunday April 15

Week 3 Monday April 16th to Sunday April 22

Week 4 Monday April 23rd to Sunday April 29th

Week 5 Monday April 30th to Sunday May 6th 

Week 6 Monday May 7th to Sunday May 13th

Week 7 Monday May 15th to Sunday May 20th 

OR a booklet for the whole series